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Online Team-building Activities by High Fidelity Collective

High Fidelity Collective, a company specialising in team-building activities, incentives and corporate events, has designed new opportunities for online activities for teams working from home. These are temporary solutions aimed at keeping work groups close while they wait for new live events.

escape room

ESCAPE ROOM ONLINE (for 20 people or over)
An ideal activity for teams of 4 or 5 players. Available for XL groups. The activities consist mainly of matches lasting 1½ hours and aim to develop communication and resource management skills. The matches take place using the company’s own interface, and communication is via video call and streaming.

An activity to boost energy levels before a videoconference, presentation or webinar. Ideally conceived as a warm-up activity, this is a tool designed to surprise attendees at an online meeting, to break the ice and to promote a friendly atmosphere. The activity is undertaken with the company’s official trainer, a native Maori.

An activity offered for work teams who would like to keep fit from home. A different type of meeting to enhance not only our physical condition, but also to boost our emotional and spiritual health.

Moderators, presenters and motivators for webinars and videoconferencing. Online Events requiring music with a DJ mixing live, and/or a track for the presentation of a product. A production company for live broadcasts.

Online classes in musical production, for small groups at the same level or for individuals. Beginner, Intermediate and Pro level.



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