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Teambuilding in Ibiza: the island’s pirate secret

Scapart Escape Room presents the island's first portable enigma, a teambuilding activity intended for large groups which can take place in all manner of locations such as villas, hotels, private homes, parties, etc.
Activities of this nature fit perfectly into corporate events and are a really useful tool for promoting communication and team work, in addition to being a very stimulating activity that really gets the adrenaline going.
Ibiza holds many secrets but none as fascinating as the Ibizan corsairs and their struggle against the Barbary pirates. The nightmare that caused havoc along the coasts of Ibiza in the 16th century has come back to haunt us in the 21st century. A pirate curse is about to unleash and there is very little time to stop it. As in ancient times, it's going to take the intervention of a group of Ibizan corsairs to stop the terrible threat, using their wits and working as a team.
Activity info:

Group size: 15-25 pax


  • 15 minutes briefing
  • 60 minutes game
  • Group picture
Preparation time between groups: 20 minutes

Número de juegos

In a morning: 4 games

In a day: 8 games

Same location

Rates: 20€/person
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